TV shows

I like television, who doesn’t? Okay maybe a few people don’t like watching TV because it is “unhealthy” but the idea of television is  universally pretty cool. A lot of work is put into television shows, teams of people write scripts, choreograph, the actors have to memorize pages of dialogue, not to mention the people who work on sets and props. It’s a booming business, and has been since it was created.

Sitting down in front of a screen for countless hours  is never healthy, unless you have a broken leg, then you can just sit there. The idea of television has been around for ages. In the stone ages if you were bored you could go and listen to someone tell a story, that evolved into plays, and that into books, then books to television. Now you can press a button and watch anything from baking shows to alligator hunting. I think the ease of access is the worst problem with television, it becomes a crutch to lean on when you have nothing better to do instead of a treat that you indulge in every once in  a while. I wish it was still like in the middle ages where you went out every once in a while to watch a Shakespeare play, something that makes you think and feel, something that evokes passion, something with a real message. Watching plays and reading books is a lot healthier for your brain, and like I said, sitting down in front of, “the stupid box” as my mom calls it, for hours  is not healthy. I was probably part of the last generation that actually went out and played, climbed trees, skinned knees, and threw rocks at stuff for fun. Now all the kids I have come in contact with have three or four devices that keep them occupied at demand and they’re still bored all the time! I’ll admit it, I had a gameboy, but I used it to play Pokemon with my friends at recess, not for staring at for hours. As the old saying goes, good thing in modesty, keep your kids away from the screens.

I’ve heard people say TV is evil and that it’s the reason why our generation is so desensitized, well parents, who is letting your kids watch desensitizing shows? It certainly is not the people who make the shows fault. I will laugh at South Park all day, but I would never let my kids watch it (until they are of an appropriate age). People work hard to make shows for different audiences, it is not their fault that that certain people watch their shows when they should not be. Same goes for alcohol, it is terrible for you when you are a kid but the day you turn 21 it is the bees knees. The age for alcohol should actually be higher, around 25, because your brain is not fully developed yet. My point is that you should watch TV in your maturity level otherwise you will become desensitized prematurely.


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