When I grow up

When I was just a young boy I, like many others, had all my future plans figured out. First I would go to Stanford where I would study to be a fireman, my minor would be in being an astronaut, pretty much all the stereotypical “when I grow up” ideas. My dad used to be a volunteer fireman, as well as a businessman, so I guess sometimes childhood dreams do come true, I think he even got to fight a couple fires over the years. My mom was a florist since I can remember, her co-workers became my family because I would go there after school most days and just be a hooligan. I loved helping with the flowers, but I could never see myself seriously doing something like that one day. Over time I switched from fireman to astronaut to policeman, I wanted to help people and make discoveries. While other kids watched cartoons I watched Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, That was when I wanted to be an astronaut or an astrophysicist. My hero is still Neil DeGrasse Tyson, that’s right, my hero is a scientist. I realized that sharing knowledge is the greatest way to help people and advance the human race. As I grew and matured I slowly realized that people are my passion, specifically helping people. I think that a human life, or all life really, is amazing and that it’s nothing to be taken lightly. I’ve wanted to do something with psychology since I got into middle school and realized that astrophysics is mostly really hard math and I could barely pass algebra. It was always my first response to help someone who is in stress or is dealing with something completely out of their control, I’ve always been kinda funny, and laughter is the best medicine you know. Too bad you can’t get a prescription for a giggle. I have had several friends who were down in the dumps and maybe even contemplating suicide, I would stay up into the early morning talking to them on the phone, it feels good to help people out, and when someone is living because you helped them out it feels like you just beat death. Now in high school and getting ready to graduate I’m moving on to study clinical psychology so I can help people for a living being either a therapist or psychiatrist. I’ve taken psychology classes before and it’s hard, I know exactly what I signed up for and am willing to take on the challenge. What keeps me working hard to graduate is the knowledge that I will help countless people one day just by being someone you can tell anything and everything to, that’s what I love, the feeling when someone trusts you with every detail of their life. That might sound a little excessive but I could sit and listen to peoples life stories all day, and that’s what I want to do for a career, be a shoulder to cry on and an ear to talk to.


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