My Favorite Childhood Foods

When I was a child I was much more picky than I am today. In fact I will devour anything placed in front of me today but my childhood was spent poking food on my plate and waiting for the coveted dessert to come around. That is unless one of my favorite foods was placed in front of me. My dream dinner started off with meatloaf, but not any meatloaf, it had to be my mother’s home made meatloaf which tasted like it was baked in God’s oven. Next up on the menu was mashed potatoes. My mom made her mashed potatoes with more than just potatoes, she mixed garlic and spices in there and every time it was a new experience. Sometimes she would leave little pieces of potato skins in the mashed potatoes and I would be less than happy because you peel the skins off for some obvious reason, my child brain probably linked potato skins to time out or something like that, but they would be no less amazing. I was not always an advocate for vegetables, I mean they come out of the dirt. Gross. I do not think that any more but when I was a kid the only vegetable I would eat willingly was either sweet corn or broccoli. I know not many kids like broccoli but I loved it, raw, cooked, in a casserole, I would eat it all. So my dinner table always had enough corn and broccoli to fill me up. Now this meal would not be complete without one special thing. When I was a kid I would take buttered bread, a slice of meatloaf, some mashed potatoes, and sweet corn and make a delicious buttered mashed corn loaf sandwich. Call me childish but I still do that today, it tastes of nostalgia and home made cooking from when things were simpler. Now no dinner would be complete without dessert. My favorite, and I mean FAVORITE dessert was and still is my mom’s home made cookies. There’s nothing wrong with cookies from the store or pre made dough, but if you have never had one of my mother’s home made cookies your life is not complete. Everyone’s all time favorite was chocolate chip, we always had a container full of them, and when we ran out there was always a batch in the oven. Whenever we would go to a family get together or hang out with friends all the kids would ask “Did you bring any Isy Cookies??” which was the nickname for my mom’s cookies, Isy is obviously my mom’s name. I think growing up with them has lessened the amazingness of them, I mean how can you know a good cookie if you have never had a bad cookie? Sometimes I still request my favorite childhood foods because they remind me of simpler times, some are still around like my moms cookies or the mashed potatoes, but nothing beats those memories of sitting down with the entire family and enjoying a meal.


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