Reflection Essay

The second half of my Senior year was no doubt entertaining, I had a lot of fun with the friends I’ve gathered over the past four years. One part of my senior year was this class, Creative Writing. I love reading and writing, I mostly like to write about relevant topics that I feel very strongly about, like gay marriage, racism, etc. I like to talk about topics that everyone deals with every day and they don’t even notice. Creative Writing gave me an outlet to vent a little bit about social justice issues facing our world, I loved to come in and write in a personal journal that I can keep my secrets in the very open society we live in. There’s always the obvious things we learn in class, like definitions, structure, and etiquette, but the one really important thing I learned while in Creative writing isn’t something you could teach if you tried. The most important thing I learned in Creative writing is how to take time to think to yourself and write down our thoughts in a journal, it’s extremely therapeutic to get all your thoughts you, to say whatever you want. I think if everyone took ten or fifteen minutes a day to just sit in silence or with your favorite music and just write your feelings there would be so much less stress in the world. It is actually a real treatment for distressed people to keep a journal, a private friend that only you talk to, someone who’s always sympathetic. In a world which is growing together with all our technology but constantly growing apart because of the technology it’s becoming less common to have a friend you can tell anything to. I thank Mrs. Thillman and Creative Writing for teaching me how to sit down and appreciate writing, addressing everyone and nobody at the same time. Creative writing has given me the greatest therapy ever, and when I get my phd in clinical psychology it is something I will remember and carry on to my patients to help them.


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