Something Old

The Perfect Cup of Cocoa

The perfect cup of cocoa
Is rich and chocolatey,
And always warm, but not too hot –
Like your mother.

A steaming chocolate sea.
With marshmallows I smother.
The surface is enclosed beneath
A thick marshmallow mound,
Which melts into a gooey cloud
Without the slightest sound.
I’m going to instagram this,

For all the whitegirls around.

When they see the perfect cup of cocoa

Their jaws will hit the ground.
A whipped cream swirl extends beyond
The surface of the cup,
All this sugar I’ll chug chug chug

And chocolate sprinkles add
The perfect touch to dress it up.
Diabetes in a mug.
The perfect cup of cocoa
Is like an old best friend –
It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s such a treat,

And yummy till the end.

Found Poem

Chill cheerless gallery of space

ordinary, leisurely

eerie, dark and spacious

cold aspect

little anxiety

last impulse

I offered rose

meriting no thorns

solitary, no fears

once content, I awoke

Bright, unlike that rose

external thorns

roused by change

new hope astir

cannot define, expected

something strange

My Grandma

“They say practice makes perfect…

But my Grandma told me nobody is perfect…

So just be you.”


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